Senior Nude Beach: The Wine Bait

Secret area where older people roam!


Nude Beach Adventures

I personally love the senior nude beaches I go to, since my fetish is getting my legs spread out by much older men who are 50 years or older. I always meet super horny old men at that senior nude beach there, and that beach itself has one very simple rule - The young girls/guys who goes to this senior nude beach are automatically labeled as "Wine Bait". Since wine is always better the older it is, a Wine Bait is just a girl/guy who are young and there for the sole purpose of getting fucked by a senior man/woman. So any young girls or guys there at the senior nude beach are nothing more but walking fuck toys for the old men/woman to use and the best part is... They know it! The beach is located at the south east side of Daytona and it is a very common place for old man/woman "mating season" even.

Since it is a nude beach, you are there walking around with everything hanging out. Your tits out there like attention seekers with rock hard nipples, your butt showing while jiggling as you walk around and of course that pussy fully exposed ready to be taken by a lucky old cock of your choice. Then you got the senior old men also totally nude as well with everything out and ready to do what it was meant to do - fuck that young exposed body. I met a guy that was 60 and walking around with a nice 7 inch dick fully loaded and erected ready for action, quickly this guy came over to me like the perverted old man he is (which I love) as I layed on my towel. It is great because you do not have to do anything here, they walk around and when they see you they come to you. I placed my towel and laid down in a pretty remote area where commonly the old folks won't pass... But there is always that one senior that ventures out of the pack. So there I was laying on my towel and this 60 year old guy sees me from the distance and comes over to where I was with his own towel in his hand. He placed his towel next to me and sat down and started talking to me, of course he wouldn't stop looking at my big tits just hanging out in front of him, like screaming out at him to come and get them. After him saying he lived a few blocks down this beach, the inevitable started to happen. He started only talking about how nice and big my tits were, how delicious they look, how big and fat they are... He even went as far as to saying those tits you carry around were made to bounce at all times by someone. Eventually he finally asked the ultimate question which clearly gave away his main intentions to even start talking to me, and so he asked if I was a Wine Bait. Which of course I gladly told him that I sure was and I was just here for some old guy to use for a while, with that said he replied to me well it seems in that case I got myself a nice young catch with fat tits. I gave him the green light by telling him that he's the only one that went out this far, I jokingly told him that his dick must of detected me from a distance and brought him here. After that he said he is going to enjoy my body and stated that if I wanted to get nutted by him, he knew just the place to take me and all I had to do is follow him. He stood and picked up his towel and started walking, I quickly got up and walked next to him like a horny magnet. I was looking like an eager little girl just ready for what I deserve... And he knew it!

As we walked he would place his left arm around my waist and look down at my jiggling tits as I walked and say those fat tits look so nice nice jiggling around like that, and I would say that I bet he will make them jiggle far more soon enough. He would grab them from time to time sometimes even stopping and standing in front of me, then cup one of my tits in one of his hands and suck on it, then continue walking again. So there we were walking for a bit down the beach and he ended up taking me to the far south of it where some large rocks could be found but no one around for miles. He said this was a great place to get banged by old men because the rocks make good surfaces for different positions with a towel over them. Now here with the old guy and no one around, he places his towel and mine one on top of the other over an evenly flat long thin rock. Then he said lay on this rock and spread your legs, I will be able to get a good fuck out of you here. So I lay down on it and spread my legs out wide for him, he lift his right leg up and over the rock on the other side of it with me laying on the middle of the rock. Then he grabs my legs by the ankles and opens them even wider as he scoots closer to me. He was so hard that he didn't need me to hold his dick and point it in the right direction, he just pointed it hands free to the right place and welcomed himself right in with a single thrust. After a bit of him securing himself with a few deep and slow in and outs between my legs... Finally he begins the steady humping process. Now laying there with the old man busting his balls on me, he lets go of my ankles and frees my legs as they hang in the air jerking helplessly up, down and all around on his sides. He grabs me by the waist and starts humping me to where my breast start sliding. As my tits start moving up and down from me getting fucked by him, he adjust himself to get a more steady pounding out of me.

At last he has my tits bouncing around just how he likes them, and tells me that is what I wanted to see, those huge tits bouncing for me. While he continues banging me he could not get enough of the sight of my tits bouncing around, so from time to time he would grab on to them or stop humping me, lean down and suction suck them a bit before going at it again. After a solid 27 minutes of me there taking his dick and my tits sliding all over my chest, he finally took his dick out and said come here and suck it if you want me to keep fucking you some more. Which of course I gladly did and I sucked his dick real good, gave him 11 full minutes of head complete with balls sucked and tongue play. Once he was satisfied enough from me giving him head, he pushes my head away from his still hard dick and says time for you to bend over and fget ucked from behind. And so, I turn to my left to a wall of rocks next to us and lean right against it sticking my ass out, he wasted no time getting behind me and spread my legs apart more than I had them already. Once he had me to his liking, he grabbed his dick and I could feel him sliding it up and down my pussy getting ready for it. Once ready he grabbed my shoulders and push himself as far as he can go.

Deep inside with me against the wall now he moved his hands down and grabbed each tit with each hand, then he shoved his dick in deep and back out of me slowly while tightening his grip on my tits as it went in there a few times, sometimes also spreading my tits apart as he slowly went all the way in with his nuts pressing up against me underneath me as they hang. Finally he grabs a hold of my waist and starts pounding me from behind, my tits quickly start flying everywhere as he freely beats my butt cheeks. Occasionally he grabs my shoulders and pounds me as hard as he can a while to remind me how much his dick is enjoying itself all up in there, with me firmly in position taking the hits like a champ. After a good 26 minutes of nothing but my tits flopping in the air from him busting his balls on me from behind, he couldn't hold out anymore and at last let out a satisfactory moan... And with it I felt him gush all his cum deep inside me. Felt like his dick was a spray just pouring his nut sack in there, it felt and was fucking amazing. To get the full 100% satisfaction he pumped his dick in me from behind a few more times real hard and deep, releasing a few more drops out of his nuts in there. I stood there as he did it letting him enjoy every second of the moment, after fully satisfying himself pumping all his cum as much as he wanted inside he said that he had a vasectomy and I had nothing to worry about. Then he said still, I personally like knowing you now are going to be walking around the beach a while with my cum swimming inside you. After that I told him that I really enjoyed getting fucked by him, which he then said too bad I didn't have time to fuck those huge tits of yours, would of loved to use those.

Well... Let's just say that in the end, he took me home and did just that as long as he wanted. In the end, he became one of my personal fuck friends to whom I would visit and stay up to three days with having nothing by sex!


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