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Talk City Information
Welcome to the Talk City section of Sexual Symbol, this section is for members who just wish to relax and have casual chat with large groups of people within a chat room environment, these rooms include members of the site and random people not on our website. You can find how to customize your text in these rooms by checking the Boxcodes section. In this area you may find rooms for casual or sexually explicit chat with others, however the website rules stated in the Terms of the website do apply to all these rooms and breaking them can get you removed from the rooms and from using our service over all. The rooms are tagged based on age, which means that you will more likely find people of that certain age in those rooms. The rooms do not have a strict age limit, so anyone of any age can join in on the conversations at any time. If you desire a chat with a group of people your age or a chat with a more mature minded group, use the age tags to find exactly what you are mostly interested in. Below are the list of rooms you can choose from, click any of the age tags to be taken there. You may also join The Lobby which is a universal chat room where anyone of any age can have conversations together. In addition to the age tagged rooms, this section also includes rooms to chat about specific things that are not adult oriented as well. You can quickly jump into casual chatting about any topic with others using the universal topic chat room under the name of Chatter Box, a room which is pretty much every topic in one room and not specific like the rest. If you wish to go to rooms where all chats include role playing, you may visit the Role-Play section of the website.

City Rooms
The Lobby (18+)The Shack (18-20)The Strip (21-30)The Club (31-40)The Bar (41-50)The Penthouse (51-60)The Mansion (70+)

Specific Rooms
Chatter BoxPoetryLiteratureGamesMusicSportsCarsRace CarsTuner CarsExotic CarsConcept CarsTrucksRV VehiclesSemisWatercraftAircraftMotorcyclesMilitaryWeaponsConstructionUFOsPoliticsReligionInventionsTechnology